"You have to be careful if you don't know where you're going,
because you might not get there." ~ Yogi Berra

CONGRATULATIONS! As the year is winding down, we all can't help but get excited for summer vacation! While summer does mean laying out in the sun and hanging out with friends and family , it also means you are that much closer to graduating from high school. Since next fall you will have to start applying to colleges/universities/trade schools or begin the job-search, you should consider taking time out this summer to start narrowing down your options for after graduation.

For those of you considering moving on to some sort of higher education, take a look at the following handout. This worksheet lists a number of questions and aspect of college life that you should consider before you make your decision.

My best advice to those of you looking to continue your education after high school would be to research a few schools that fit your answers from the questionnaire. Then, this summer, take a road trip to visit the schools! Simply walking onto the campus can make or break your final decisions! After visiting the school (even informally), you'll be more confident in deciding which schools to apply to in the fall.

In order to help you get started, we will be completing a college research project in class. Each student will be asked to research one or two colleges, universities, trade-school and/or career and create an information sheet about that school. Use the downloadable information sheet template from below to fill in your answers. You will have 2 days in class to research and create the information sheet. Then...

  1. Post your information sheet to the wikispace so that other students can also benefit from your research. Save your information sheet in the following format: School Name - Your Name.doc. Post your sheet to the wiki below.
  2. Link the College's Name and State to the college's main website.
  3. Feel free to include a copy of the college's application if you found one that fits on-line.


Click here!

Username: Parkland
Password: Trojans

  • Directions to Download:
  • CareerCruising: Use Career Cruising to help search for information about your college.
  • Specific college's website: The specific college's site will help with some more specific information that Career Cruising does not offer.
  • Research Sheet Template:
    • Fill out this template with information about your specific college or university. A sample one for the University of Maryland has been completed for you. It is submitted below for you to view. You may NOT choose UMD to research since it has already been completed.


Period 1

Ms. McQuillan
University of Maryland (Maryland)

*file is too big :(

Zohrain Gangji
Temple University (Pennsylvania)

Bryan Pepper
Delaware University (Delaware)

Cory Beam
Duquesne University

Steve Schirmacher
Temple University

Greg Altrichter
Penn State Berks

Katarina Froehlich
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

EXTRA CREDIT: CREATE A FIVE-YEAR PLAN PROPOSAL:"If we could sell our experiences for what they wold cost us, we'd all
be millionaires!" ~ Abigail Van Buren

Unfortunately, with the way the year worked out, we didn't have time to finish our college research project. If you want, for extra credit, you can follow the given directions to develop a 5 year proposal plan. This plan will be a detailed explanation of what they will have to do over the next 5 years in order to get hired and become a successful (insert career here)! You do NOT have to complete all aspects of the project, but you must download the "Final Proposal Template" and type in detailed information about your plan in the given areas. Then, print the project and submit it to me for points.

Here are the handouts that should be used to complete this portion of the project: