What is "blogging"?

A “Blog” is a contraction of the word weblog. A weblog is a form of writing that is characterized by its format - a single column of text in reverse chronological order. That means the most recent content added to the blog is moved to the top so it can be viewed first.

How will be using blogs in class?
A blog can be used for a number of things. We will be adding more specific types of blogs as the year goes on, but to start we will simply be using it to create an on-line discussion forum and to keep a daily log of activities and discussions covered during class.

So, where can I access our class blogs?
In order to allow for more organized discussions, we will be using an outside source for our class blogs. Please click on the link listed below in order to access our class blog. This site will be password protected by the end of March to provide privacy for the student project, pictures, and comments put on this portion of our site. This username and password will be given out during class, so please write it down or speak to Ms. McQuillan.

(*You can also see a picture of our STAR of the week here!)