Listed below is a general FAQs set-up geared towards general parent questions. This page will also help explain how to use the links given on the wikispace. If you still have further questions or concerns, please feel free to email me personally at

1. What is a wikispace or moodle and how do they work?
A wikispace is an interactive version of a class website. Students have access to our class calendar, downloadable assignments/notes, links to helpful websites, among many other things. The benefit to using a wikispace as opposed to a regular website is that students who are members of the site may also edit and add things to the website. That allows for students to post assignments, videos, pictures, and much more! To the left of this page is a navigation menu. Click on one of the links to navigate to a page specifically geared to unit/topic of study.

Moodle is a separate website that is secure. Students must log on to this site. This site is primarily used as an on-line learning environment, meaning students will complete several assignments, journals, discussions, tests, quizzes, etc. on this website. It is designed to help prepare our students for on-line classes in college.

2. What are the goals/objectives of this class?
A description of the goals and objectives to the class can be found under the link in the navigation bar entitled "Procedures and Expectations."

3. Where can I find information on the class expectations, procedures, and grading policy?
A description of class expectations, procedures, and the grading policy to the class can be found under the link in the navigation bar entitled "Procedures and Expectations."

4. Where can I view my son/daughter's grades?
In order to protect your family's privacy, no grades of any kind will be placed on this website. You can, however, log on to the Home Access Center page. At the Home Access Center page, you can use your family's personal username and password to log in and see up to date grades for all of your son/daughter's classes.

5. How can I get involved or keep up to date with my son/daughter is doing in class?
On our wikispace in the navigation bar to the left, we have a link to a virtual class calendar. It is linked to my personal calendar. That meanst that anytime I change,update, or make revisions to my calendar for whatever reason, the changes are automatically made on this one as well. This calendar can provide a day to day schedule of events, discussions, and assignments for you and your son/daughter.
On the wikispace, you can also visit links to pages specifically geared towards our current unit of study to get more detailed information about the items listed on the calendar.

6. Can I view any of my son/daughter's work on-line?
In an effort to let parents and other students share in the wonderful work we produce in class, some assignments and projects will be posted on-line. For some assignments, every student will be required to post their final product on the page designated for a particular unit. For other assignments, only a sampling of student projects will be posted. Please keep in mind that not every assignment or project can be submitted or posted on-line. It is just not possible or realistic at this point in time. Please be patient as I will make an attempt to have a number of various students represented at all times in our postings.
*For projects that are too large in size to be put on the wikispace (for example, movies/songs), check under the Podcasting Link.

7. Where can I get to other links/websites that I may find helpful?
Listed below are a few links that I thought parents may use or find helpful. Many of them are listed in various places throughout the wikispace, but you can click directly on the links listed below:

8. How can I get in touch with Mrs. Spence if I have any further questions or concerns?
I can be reached at school at the following number and extension: 610-351-5900 ext. 72217. However, since several other teachers use the classroom we're in during the day, email is probably the best and quickest way to get in touch with me on a regular basis. My email address is -